I still have questions. What is the best way to reach you?

The fastest response is usually by emailing floridakoshervillas@gmail.com, which reaches multiple operators. You my also call the office by phone during hours: Booking Information: For FL, NY, SC properties: Call Mrs. Weinberger, Florida Office Sunday-Thursday 10am-7pm Closed Erev Shabbos & YT 305-650-8830 ext 222 OR Mrs. Kaufman, New York Office 305-785-2509 WhatsApp & Text 10am-8 pm Sunday-Thursday Closed Erev Shabbos & YT The New Jersey Office can be reached via email at: Lakewoodhosts@gmail.com, or, you can leave a voicemail message by calling 732-707-7949 and following the prompts. Your call will be returned. (The Lakewood booking office does not typically accept incoming calls.)