About Us

Over a Decade in Experience

With over a decade experience, and as the originator of the managed kosher vacation rental concept, we have grown our portfolio of beautiful and well-maintained homes as well as a large loyal client base.

We are proud to offer nearly two dozen beautiful brand new or newly renovated villas, mansions, and suites that have been specifically furnished and outfitted for the kosher consumer

Each property, no matter the size or location, is luxurious yet affordable. A family or a couple can spend anywhere from two nights to two months in their own private residence for a nightly cost that is in many cases less than what they would expect to pay for a hotel room.

All Properties Kosher & Shabbos/Yom Tov Ready 

Equally as important is that all of our properties are equipped with a kosher kitchen featuring large and small appliances that one would find in their own home. As an added bonus, they are outfitted with the basic essentials needed for a Shabbos or Yom Tov stay.

Our client base ranges from chassidish to yeshivish and our guests travel in from cities all around the globe. Lakewood is one of few locations in the world, outside of Eretz Yisroel, where a traveler can rent a home and know that it was rented previously to only frum guests, providing a comfort level that a rental company such as vrbo or airbnb cannot possibly offer.

Managed by Professionals

Our units are managed by a professional cleaning crew, a team of maintenance experts, and a quality control staff, all of whom oversee all aspects of care and upkeep on a continual basis. This ensures total comfort for our clients who can rest assured they will be entering a spotless home in perfect condition.

In addition, we are on site every month, checking to see what improvements and upgrades can be made to each property to provide an even more optimal and luxurious stay each time a guest returns.

The Choice is Yours

Whether you vacation here in Lakewood or choose to stay at any of our other properties in New York or the South Florida area, we are with you from the moment you first contact us until you are packing your bags for your trip back home. We pride ourselves on the level of customer care we provide to our guests as well as the professional and helpful attitude of our dedicated team.

Our goal is to provide you with a getaway that will be filled with beautiful memories of relaxation or adventure (or both!) and an overabundance of positive experiences to share with your friends back home. Read the reviews of our many satisfied clients and see why they choose Lakewood Hosts and Florida Kosher Villas when planning that perfect vacation.