Winter is nearly over...

now WHO gets to decide where to spend Yom Tov?
23 Aug

Lakewood Hosts – offering solutions that make everybody happy

Lakewood, NJ is one of the fastest growing frum communities in the United States today. With sub-communities springing up catering to just about every “stripe” of yiddishkeit, take out establishments and restaurants opening up on a continual basis in each new neighborhood, beautiful villas and mansions being built as fast as contractors can get them up, and public parks and playgrounds sprouting all around the Greater Lakewood perimeter, Lakewood is today’s “model” community.  That said, it comes as no surprise that your sons want to learn there, your married children have decided this is where they want to start out in life, and your elderly parents are planting new roots in this thriving city that has everything to offer the kosher consumer.

And while you may still live in the hometown in which you raised your children, with the Yomim Noraim around the corner and most of your children either settled into Coventry or Somerset Walk, your sons at BMG , and your elderly parents living at The Courtyard or in Country Place, the thought of spending the Yomim Tovim at home in Monsey, Brooklyn, or Long Island is slowly losing its appeal.

As your Beis Medrash bochur certainly cannot host you in his dorm room, your parents’ senior community does not offer extra bedrooms for guests, and your couples are at maximum capacity in their basement apartments with their own children, finding accommodations for you that are suitable and private is a major challenge… or is it?

Here at Lakewood Hosts we believe that families should spend quality time together – especially the Yomim Tovim – and a lack of spare bedrooms should not be a deterrent. With the nearly two dozen properties in our inventory – more being added every month – scattered throughout the Greater Lakewood areas, chances are you won’t have far to walk to one or more of your children or parents, depending on which property you choose.  And if you want to bring your other marrieds who live out of town to join you, many of our properties are situated within seconds of each other, so accommodating families of up to 20 or 30 is not a problem.

All of our spacious villas and suites are fully furnished, stunningly appointed, and equipped with kosher kitchens.  As they are outfitted with an abundance of hotel style linens and towels, starter sets of toiletries, paper goods, and other general supplies, you get the benefits of a five star hotel but with the feel of “home.”

So the next time someone asks you, “Where are you spending the Yomim Tovim this year?” you can tell them, “We’re spending them at home – with Lakewood Hosts!”

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