Rental Policy


Please read your vacation Rental Agreement carefully before you sign and return it to our office. It is the responsibility of all Guests and members of the Rental Party to be familiar with all policies pertaining to their Rental Property prior to beginning their vacation.
For legal and accounting purposes, the Guest in whose name the Reservation is made needs to be the same person whose signature appears on the Rental Contract AND said Guest is the same person occupying the Rental Property. Any discussion regarding any aspect of the Rental Agreement and/or any issues that may arise during a stay or post-stay will be between Owner and Guest only, and not between Owner and any other members of the Rental Party. Guest must be a responsible adult over the age of 21 with no exceptions allowed.
All policies will be strictly enforced.

The Property is managed by Owner. The Property is fully furnished by Owner and equipped for light housekeeping. The following amenities are included in the Property: Glatt Kosher (chezkas kashrus) kitchen with all major appliances, dishes, tableware, and cutlery, and linens and towels. In addition a starter supply of household cleaning and hygiene products may be in the Property for use.
Guest is responsible for purchasing any additional supplies and all food and beverages.

All persons in the Rental Party will be bound by the terms of this Agreement.
Only the number of persons listed on this Agreement may stay in the Property.
The maximum number of persons allowed to stay in the Property at any given time is limited to amount of beds unless the Owner gives prior written consent. A charge of $100 per night will be assessed for each person who stays overnight in the Property above the agreed upon number of persons in Rental Party as per the Agreement, if they do so without prior written consent from Owner.
Each Rental Property is subject to occupancy limits of one Guest per bed. Overage on the number of Guests may result in either a fine equal to two times the nightly rate or immediate eviction from Rental Party with forfeiture of all monies paid. If the number of people in your Rental Party changes to a number larger than that which your villa can hold, prior to Arrival Date, please contact our office to see if we can arrange alternate housing, so everyone can be accommodated without any issue.

A visitor is an occupant of the Property who is not staying overnight. If the Property is not filled to maximum capacity and Guest would like his visitor(s) to stay overnight, he may do so only with prior consent of Owner at an additional charge to be determined by Owner.
NO visitor will be allowed to use any indoor or outdoor facilities, including but not limited to pool, hot tub, and/or kitchen facilities, when Guest in not on the Property.

Large Gatherings and Excessive Noise. Rental Property is not meant for parties or large gatherings, other than for the number of people in Rental Party plus a normal amount of Visitors. If there is any excessive noise or loud music, illegal activity, or other disturbance caused, Guest will be asked to vacate the premises immediately with forfeiture of all monies paid. If you would like to plan a large event in your Rental Property, please contact Owner well in advance, so that specific terms of agreement may be reached prior to the Arrival Date.

Keys & Access Codes. Owner will provide Guest the combination lock code that will unlock the front door to the Property and any other permitted points of entry or permitted secured areas within the Property boundary. Guest is not allowed to make changes to the combination lock code. A fee of $250 will be charged to Guest who has been found to change the combination lock code at any time during their stay, Any attempt to access a non-permitted locked area is just cause for immediate termination of this Agreement and forfeiture of all rent paid.
In addition Guest will be liable for any missing items or damage occurring as a result.

Rental Rules & Restrictions. Guest agrees to abide by all Rules and Restrictions as set forth in this Rental Agreement.
If any person in the Rental Party fails to follow any of the Rules or Restrictions, the Rental Party may be asked to vacate the Property and Guest will forfeit all rent paid.

Security Deposit. Owner reserves the right, at his discretion, to charge an additional security deposit when confirming a reservation. This deposit will be refunded by check and mailed 72 hours after Guest’s departure and an inspection of the Property by Owner is performed, less any deductions for negligent damage to the Property or furnishings, excessive mess requiring additional cleaning, or other costs incurred outside the normal course due to Guest’s stay.

Cancellation. For any cancellation of a reservation 45 days or longer in advance of the Arrival Date, all fees paid will be refunded back to Guest, less a one-time $150 cancellation fee. If Guest cancels the reservation less than 45 days before the Arrival Date, the Total Amount Due, less cleaning fee and Damage Insurance, will be forfeited. In the event of a cancellation due to reasons that Owner deems an emergency, Owner will attempt to replace the booking with another guest and refund Guest all rental fees paid, less the equivalent of one night’s online posted rate, provided that replacement guest is paying a nightly rate equal to or greater than Guest’s contracted nightly rate. In the event replacement guest is paying a rate below the rate paid by Guest, refunded amount will be based upon replacement guest’s nightly rate, less the equivalent of one night’s online posted rate. To avoid financial loss in the event of sudden change in plans, we STRONGLY suggest that Guest purchase a Travel Insurance Policy when booking any upcoming vacation.

A minimum cleaning fee in the amount of $150 will be charged to Guest for each property rented. This service ensures that upon arrival you will have freshly laundered linens and towels, spotless and sanitized bathrooms and kitchen area, vacuumed and mopped floors, dusted furniture, and all outdoor areas, including hot tub and pool, serviced and cleaned. Daily housekeeping services are not included in the rental rate. Housekeeping service may be arranged if requested in advance with a minimum 2 hour/day timeframe for any day. Payment for said service will be handled directly by Guest to housekeeping service. Throughout the rental period, Guest will be responsible for keeping the Property clean and in good condition. Any home that is left in such condition that warrants more than the 5 hours allotted for turnover will be subject to an extra fee beginning at $45/hour to be charged without notice to Guest’s credit card.
While the aforementioned fee covers the post-stay turnover cleaning service, we respectfully ask that you leave the home in basic good condition by ensuring that all trash is in sealed garbage bags and removed to the outside bins.
Please dispose of any food items that you are not taking with you, both perishable and nonperishable.

Inspection upon Arrival. Upon arrival, Guest is responsible to check that the Property is in satisfactory and working condition. Any unsafe or dangerous condition or other concerns regarding the Rental Property MUST be reported to Owner immediately and no later than by end of first day following the Arrival Date, for any concern that Guest would like to be addressed by Owner. NO refunds or considerations will be given once Guest has vacated the Property for any issues that had arisen, unless they are reported in writing during Guest’s stay.
If Guest is experiencing a medical emergency, please call Hatzolah at (305) 919-4900 and then dial 911.

The Property should be left in the same condition as it was found by Guest on the Arrival Date and in good repair. Guest is responsible to inspect the Property for any forgotten personal belongings. Owner will ship left items if requested at a charge of $10 above any shipping costs, provided that Guest notifies Owner within 48 hours of Guest’s Departure Date. Any items unclaimed after 48 hours of Guest’s Departure Date will be declared “Hefker” and will be discarded or donated.

Parking. Parking is limited to the driveway of the Property. Guest may only park in designated parking area. Any illegally parked cars, such as those parked on the street or anywhere on the lawn of the Property, may be subject to towing and/or other fines.

Security and Safety. Always lock doors and windows whenever leaving your villa. Owner does not assume any responsibility for any property loss or any injuries resulting from your failure to exercise due caution. Children must be supervised at all times, both inside as well as outside the Property.

Furnishings. Furnishings are subject to change without notice. Furniture, bedding, kitchen equipment, utensils, and any other personal property supplied with the Property must not be removed from the Property, even temporarily to a second Property that might be rented simultaneously by Guest. Loss of any items within the Property or damage to the Property or furnishings in excess of normal wear and tear will be charged to Guest. The Property will be inspected by Owner after Guest’s departure. All contents of the Property are the property of Owner. If an item should break, Guest must notify Owner immediately. Guest is not permitted to alter the wiring of any television, computer, or gaming equipment.

Linens and Towels. Each villa has been outfitted with an extra set of linens, and at least two bath towels per person. Please do not bring any linens or towels to the outside areas of the Property (other than towels for pool or Hot Tub use), or to a park or beach area. If you are planning on taking day trips to parks or water activities, please make sure to bring along appropriate towels and sheets from home.

Smoking and Use of Drugs or Incense. Smoking or the use of any type of drugs is prohibited both inside as well as anywhere within the Rental Property boundaries. Any evidence of smoking will be subject to a fine in the amount of $250 to be charged without notice to Guest’s credit card. Use of incense and oil lamps are also prohibited anywhere on the Property.

Pets. Under no circumstances are pets of any sort allowed anywhere on or inside the Rental Property. Unauthorized occupancy of pets, even for a short period of time, will result in immediate eviction and loss of all moneys paid. If discovery of pets is made after your departure, a penalty of $100/day for each day of Rental plus any additional cleaning fees necessary to remove any smell or evidence will be charged without notice to Guest’s credit card.

Mechanical Failures. Owner attempts to properly maintain the Property. While all electrical and mechanical equipment within the Property are in good working order, Owner cannot guarantee against mechanical failure of electrical service, plumbing, water supply, heating, air conditioning, audio visual equipment, internet access, cable service, or appliances. Guest agrees to report any inoperative equipment or other maintenance problem to Owner immediately. Owner will make every reasonable effort to have repairs done quickly and efficiently. Guest will allow Owner or a person permitted by Owner access to the Property for purposes of repair and inspection. Owner is not responsible for any inconvenience that may occur and no refunds or rent reductions will be made due to failure of such items.

Acts of G-d. If due to a storm or severe weather a mandatory evacuation order is issued by the State of New Jersey or local Lakewood Township authorities resulting in Guest being forced to vacate the Property, Guest shall be entitled to a prorated refund for each night or the opportunity to return to same Property during off peak season, at the discretion of Owner. Owner will not be liable or deemed in default under this Agreement for any failure to perform or delay in performing any of its obligations due to or arising out of any act not within its control, including without limitation acts of G-d.

Power Outages. In the event of power outages, no refunds or replacement stays will be offered by Owner to Guest. In the event of an extended power outage, Owner will do everything possible to provide assistance to Guest so as not to cause loss of perishable food items or any other additional inconveniences, while not being liable for such.

Cancellation due to extreme factors. No refund will be granted to Guest if cancellation is due to road conditions, weather, power outages, flight cancellations, or any other reason precluding Guest from arriving to Rental Property. However if Rental Property is uninhabitable due to reasons such as those set forth above, Guest may rebook their stay at same Rental Property during off peak season, subject to availability, within one year from original Arrival Date.

Limitation on Liability. Owner is not responsible for any accidents, injuries, or illness that occur to any member of the Rental Party or their visitors while in the Property or on the Property. Owner is not responsible for loss of personal belongings or valuables belonging to any member of the Rental Party or any of Guest’s visitors. Guest agrees to assume the risk of any harm arising from use of the Property. Under no circumstances and under no legal theory or tort, contract, strict liability, or otherwise, shall owner be liable to guest or any other person for any damage whatsoever including damage arising out of or relating to this agreement or guest’s rental of the property or use of the property. Even if owner shall have been informed of the possibility of such damage, owner will not be liable whatsoever.

Indemnification. Guest acknowledges that the use of the Property by the Rental Party and Guest’s visitors is entirely at their own risk. Guest will indemnify and hold harmless Owner from any and all expenses, costs, damages, suits, actions, or liabilities whatsoever arising from or related to loss of or damage to personal property, injury, or death resulting from use or occupancy of the Property or failure of any member of Rental Party or Guest’s visitors to observe the rules and restrictions set forth in this Agreement.

Access. Guest acknowledges and agrees that Owner has right of entry to the Property at any time in the event Owner deems it warranted. Examples are but not limited to: checking for the need of or making repairs or improvements to Property, checking for damage sustained during Guest’s stay, responding to reported levels of noise causing disturbance to neighbors, verifying Rental Party occupancy level, or showing Rental Property to prospective Guests or prospective purchasers. Owner shall give Guest at least one hour prior notice of entry. If Guest is unreachable, Owner has right of entry without notice.

Violation of Agreement. If Guest or any member of the Rental Party violates any of the terms of this Agreement, including but not limited to maximum occupancy, visitors, and rental Rules and Restrictions, Owner may evict Guest and the Rental Party from the Property and Guest will forfeit all rent and security deposit paid.

Governing Law. This Agreement and all transactions contemplated by this Agreement will be governed by, and constructed and enforced in accordance with, the laws of the State of New Jersey (not including its conflicts of laws provisions). Any dispute arising from this Agreement shall be resolved through mediation. If the dispute cannot be resolved through mediation, then the dispute will be resolved through binding arbitration conducted with the rules of the American Arbitration Association.