It's Time to Get Away

Lakewood, the hottest vacation destination? Who knew?
13 Jul

It’s Time to Get Away

By Simmy Horwitz


The sun is shining, the grills are heating up and the kids are counting down the days until school is over. It’s time to think about this summer’s vacation!

But where to go? The thought of planning the perfect getaway that will please everyone in the family is so stressful that you almost need a vacation just to recover from the thought. You need minyanim…kosher food, of course…enough beds for everyone…comfortable places to hang out and schmooze (the hotel hallway, because all the kids are sleeping on the hotel room’s pull-out couches, does not count as comfortable)…and a pool would be nice, too.

Is that too much to ask?

Not anymore, it’s not! If you haven’t yet checked out Lakewood Hosts, you are about to have your life – and your vacations – changed forever.

In the past, a family who wanted to get away together and stay close to shuls, kosher meals and kosher swimming pools needed to go upstate. Besides for the hours of driving (and don’t even mention the weekend traffic), that also meant…a bungalow. Need we remind you of the lovely houseguests? Spiders…mice…centipedes…you are truly one with nature, settled into the charming, creaky walls of a squishy little bungalow.

Welcome to the year 2018, when the all-inclusive family vacation has shifted to civilized Lakewood, New Jersey and its neighboring towns. With the obvious plentiful Jewish amenities, such as minyanim any time of day or night, kosher groceries and shopping, there is also your pick of upscale dining out options, and yet the same peace and quiet that you crave from the country. And the best part of all? Ditch the bungalow and stay five-star in a luxury Lakewood Host home.

With a large variety of rental options to choose from, Lakewood Hosts is sure to offer the home that fits your family’s needs best. From the vast Cross Street mansion set on a five-acre estate, to a stunning upscale suite for two in the center of town, there is an option to suit any taste or need.

These homes have it all. With magnificent, up-to-date décor and luxurious details throughout, a Lakewood Host rental is loaded with all of the comforts of home, and then some. Plush, luxury linen, sumptuous towels, Shabbos essentials, fully equipped kitchens and spacious living rooms for playing and relaxing adorn each home to make you feel pampered and well taken care of – which is exactly how a vacation should feel. Additionally, the homes are spotlessly maintained by a professional cleaning crew, so you can expect a meticulous experience and a freshly cleaned space, every time.

Looking to refresh with the entire family? The Cross Street mansion is one of the newest additions to the Lakewood Host team. Just a short walk from Westgate and within the eruv, the Cross Street property is conveniently located, yet completely private. A beautiful, sparkling pool is set on stunning, spacious grounds, and a large circular driveway fits ups to ten cars. Invite all of the grandchildren, because this home can easily sleep 40 guests, while the dining room can seat all 40 for family meals or even a simcha.

Prefer a different neighborhood? Take your pick. Lakewood Hosts offer homes on Forest, Madison, Stirling, South Lake, Roselle and much more. Many homes are within close proximity to one another, so you can easily mix and match to find the combination that fits your family and keep everyone nearby.

Once you’ve found your perfect rental, pack your bags and rely on Lakewood Hosts to take care of the rest. With a convenient concierge service, you can have all of your needs taken care of, from dinner reservations to party planning, as well as transportation arrangements and anything else you may need while vacationing in Lakewood. Now this is how a vacation should feel: easy, comfortable and (do we dare say?) even better than your regular accommodations at home.

Of course, you don’t need to wait until bein hazmanim or your two vacation days to enjoy a Lakewood Host home. There are endless reasons to unpack and relax in a luxury home in the capital of the frum world.

Thinking of moving to Lakewood, but want to try it out first? Rent a home for a week and live like a local to gain a feel for the community.

Have a simcha in the neighborhood? You do not need to squish with three children in one bedroom, wishing the kids would just fall asleep already.

Making a Simcha yourself? Consider the brand new Simcha Ballroom Villa, featuring sleeping accommodations, a grand ballroom, shuls and more in one incredible venue!

Lakewood Hosts are also available for long-term rentals: live like a mentch while doing construction on your home. In the case of home damage that needs long-term repair, ask us about how insurance can cover your stay, and enjoy luxury living without paying a penny until your own home is back up and running.

Times have changed since the glory days of the “Borscht Belt.” Today’s vacationer is much more savvy and sophisticated than the traveler of the past. We expect a bit more than a dusty room in a cottage (can you picture those swinging light bulbs?). Now, with Lakewood Hosts, you can experience your dream vacation without the hassle and expense of flight travel.

Do you appreciate beautiful interiors, spotless maintenance, ease of planning and convenient accommodations? Perhaps it’s time to reach out to Lakewood Hosts.

Lakewood, the hottest vacation destination? Who knew?

Getaways, Yom Tov or Winter Plans? Consider our many beautiful properties with private pools in Florida as well!


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