LH-2108 The Country Club House Lakewood, NJ


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    LH-2108 The Country Club House Lakewood, NJ






    360 View

    Sleeps 16
    Bathrooms 4


    Every booking includes mandatory insurance, and cleaning fees in addition to the nightly rent.

    Please request a quote for exact fees and total.

    You have just pulled into the spacious driveway, and have taken a moment to inhale the heavenly pine-scented air and take in the exquisite view of trees and foliage wherever you turn. Just across the road, a vast, rolling golf course with grassy hills completes the surreal feel of where you are standing. Smiling to yourself at your good fortune, you grab your luggage and head indoors.

    The door opens, and to the immediate right of the foyer is an expansive living room also adjoining the elegantly decorated dining area. Room for all your company to be comfortable!

    You suddenly realize how tired you are, and settle comfortably into the comfortable couch, as other family members sit in cozy upholstered chairs nearby. There are books to read, seforim to peruse, and a clear view of the beautiful outdoor scenery through the wall of windows facing the front yard. The room has been decorated with thought and taste, you note, as you wander over to the dining room area nearby.

    A honey-toned wooden table with upholstered chairs seats 8 comfortably. The matching honey-toned breakfront lends a home-style feel to the room, and a small table on the side is perfect for hadlokas neiros. 

    You exit directly into a modern kitchen, complete with two sinks, a countertop stove, ovens, a refrigerator/freezer, and a dishwasher. The counters, a black-and-white marble design perfectly match the dinette glass-top table and 6 chairs, and a nearby high chair stands ready to serve if needed.

    The kitchen leads right into the family room. This room is an absolute haven of relaxation, replete with a love-seat, sofa, ottoman round wooden table and upholstered chairs. It’s perfect for playing games, enjoying light refreshments, sitting by the fireplace reading, chatting, or taking a midday power nap.

    From an adjoining hallway, you then notice a washer/dryer and back door. The yard is a dream! It’s beautiful, grassy, and gated for privacy. There are a number of chairs for the adults, the wide-open area gives the children plenty of room to play. 

    On a semi-private patio, surrounded by lush greenery a jetted hot tub invites you for a relaxing soak under the stars.

    Back inside the home, hoping your stay will give you enough time to enjoy all of these amenities fully, you look around once more. Another door opens to a large, clean garage with an extra fridge and freezer, as well as 30+ folding chairs- you can actually host a simcha while you’re here, if you so desired.

    You return to the hallway, which also leads to a full guest bathroom. Further down is a small bedroom with two twin beds, an octagon-shaped night table 5 drawer dresser, a roomy closet, a lamp, and a mirror. A hallway linen closet provides extra linen and towels if needed.

    There is another hallway, to the left of the main entrance foyer, which leads to an absolutely luxurious sleeping quarters suite. One master bedroom has two full-size beds, two inviting chairs, three closets (yes, three!), a large, dream-like vanity area, and a full master bathroom besides! The window view is absolutely stunning, as the home is simply surrounded by nature on all sides. Two more bedrooms include two twin beds and a night table. Both have ample closet space, and one has a dresser as well.

    Just when you think you’ve seen the whole home, you discover it only gets better! Further down the hallway, which affords more privacy, is another very large bedroom. There are two full beds, a six-drawer dresser, a tremendous closet, a full-length mirror, a night table, a desk, a crib, and a toddler bed. Directly across that bedroom is another full bathroom, with two sinks built into one long vanity area, and a linen closet.

    The floors throughout the main level are a combination of genuine and engineered hardwoods. 

    Following the steps (off the hallway) downstairs, we find ourselves in a well-lit, warm, and brightly carpeted area, sporting a large pool table (which converts into a ping pong table), games for the whole family, a Step 2 kids’ kitchen set, a tricycle, and cozy, padded benches built-in along the back wall.

    Off to the side, with doors for privacy, is a small bedroom with a hi-riser daybed with a trundle, and storage closet. 



    November - 2021
    December - 2021
    January - 2022
    February - 2022


    Additional cleaning and damage waiver fees apply to every booking.
    For all-inclusive Shabbos packages with all fees included click HERE

    Season Name Period Name Start End Daily rate
    Winter 2020-2021 Winter 2020-2021 11/25/2021 03/19/2022 from $475.00
    Pre-Pesach 2022 Pre-Pesach 2022 03/20/2022 04/13/2022 from $475.00
    Pesach 2022 Pesach 2022 04/14/2022 04/25/2022 from $475.00
    Post Pesach 2022 Post Pesach 2022 04/26/2022 06/01/2022 from $0.00
    Shavuos Weekend 2022 Shavuos Weekend 2022 06/02/2022 06/06/2022 from $0.00
    Late Spring 2022 Late Spring 2022 06/07/2022 06/29/2022 from $0.00
    July 4th Weekend July 4th Weekend 2022 06/30/2022 07/04/2022 from $0.00
    Early Summer 2022 Early Summer 2022 07/05/2022 08/07/2022 from $0.00
    Post Tisha B'av 2022 Post Tisha B'av 2022 08/08/2022 09/05/2022 from $0.00


    Indoor Amenities

    • Central Air Conditioning and Heating
    • Linens and Towels
    • Shabbos Pkg. - Tablecloth, Tea Lights, Havdala Set, Becher, Etc.
    • Shabbos Lamps in Bedrooms
    • Multiple Pack & Play / Cribs
    • High Chair
    • Hair Dryer
    • Netillas Yadayim Washing Cups
    • Seforim and Siddurim
    • Dedicated Internet Access
    • No TV
    • Washer/Dryer
    • Iron/Board
    • Play Room with Toys / Games
    • DVD Player and/or VCR with Monitor
    • Writing / Work Desk
    • Ground Floor Rental

    Outdoor Amenities

    • Jacuzzi Hot Tub (Separate from Pool)
    • Deck or Patio
    • Patio / Lounge Furniture Set
    • Gas BBQ Grill
    • Outdoor Eating Area
    • Private Parking

    Area Amenities

    • Eiruv
    • Frum Neighborhood
    • Quick Walk to Shuls and/or Kollel
    • Playground / Park within Walking Distance
    • Easy Drive to Parks, Nature Preserves and Beaches
    • Easy Drive to Museums, Activities and Tourist Attractions
    • Six Flags Great Adventure and Safari - Easy Drive
    • Golf Courses Nearby
    • Boating and Biking Facilities Nearby
    • Kosher Restaurants & Eateries Nearby
    • Groceries & Shopping Nearby
    • Kosher Restaurant Nearby
    • Shul Nearby

    Kitchen Amenities

    • Kosher Kitchen (Chezkas Kashrus)
    • Eat-In Kitchen
    • Shabbos Hot Water Urn
    • Shabbos Hot Plate (Electric Plata)
    • Shabbos Crock Pot
    • Starter Set of Papergoods
    • Full Size Refrigerator / Freezer
    • Full Size Oven / Stove
    • Microwave
    • Dishwasher


    • No Smoking anywhere on property
    • No Pets Allowed
    • NO Motzei Shabbos/Yom Tov Check-outs
    • No Motzei Yom Tov Check-outs
    • 2 Night Minimum - No Exceptions!


    Spacious, clean, very enjoyable stay!

    The house is larger than it seemed from the website so that was a pleasant surprise! It was very comfortable and spacious; everyone had a place to go without being on top of one another. Linen etc. provided. We had a great time! The manager was fantastic. 

    Great House in Lakewood

    We really felt at home in the house we rented and would not have minded staying longer if we could have. We will bli neder spread the word in our city about Lakewood Kosher Hosts and The Country Club House. Thank you. The Z Family 

    Everything was as advertised and better

    Would definitely stay again.  Thank you very much for a great stay in The Country Club House and thanks to the Lakewood Hosts Team who really did a professional job.  Highly recommended for any out of town family coming into Lakewood