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Accommodating you and your accommodations

Home Management

Whatever brings you to Lakewood, upgrade from a cold, generic hotel room  to  a  kosher  luxury vacation  home  or  simcha  apartment  in  the heart of town. Your entire family is welcome for any duration, and our kosher concierge and amenities leave all to wonder, nothing to want.

Luxury at every level

With a large selection of local homes and apartments available to you, you can celebrate on your own budget. Rentals range from $150 – $500 per night, weekly and monthly rentals are available at a discounted rate, making  the  entire  Lakewood  Hosts  network  accessible  to families as well as to baalei simcha who must place larger groups.

Kosher you can count on

Our homes are owned and managed by and for Shomer Shabbos Heimishe Families. An onsite manager is available to meet and greet each guest. Strictly Glatt Kosher couples & familes.

Also our homes are located near many Shuls, Kosher Shopping, Restaurants and Heimishe Attractions all over the Lakewood area.

Lakewood is our second home

Lakewood  Hosts is  an  affiliate  of  Florida  Kosher  Villas, the  east  coast’s leading  kosher rental program. The concept is brand new to the heimishe Lakewood market, and we  are proud to bring our expertise and reputation for excellence to the west coast.

Coming to Lakewood?

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