Stay with Lakewood Hosts - with a Perfect Pesach Vacation Rental

From a Suite for Two to a Magnificent Villa for Forty
29 Oct

The Four Questions ….done the “Lakewood Hosts” way

1. Are you considering taking your family away for Pesach but prefer something more private and less pricey than a hotel program?

2. Would you like to have enough bedrooms for everyone but one central location to gather and enjoy your sedarim, with no one else around?

3. Does the thought of a large private yard in country surroundings, reserved solely for your group, sound appealing to you?

4. Are you into the idea of more kosher supermarkets/restaurants/take-out establishments than you can count on two hands, all just a short drive away?


If you answered “yes” to any or all of the four questions listed above, keep reading because… we have exactly what you are looking for!

Pesach is that special type of holiday when the best family memories are made in a venue that feels “like home.”

Lakewood Hosts LLC offers a wide selection of private villas, mansions, and suites, all geared to the glatt-kosher consumer. Accommodating anywhere from two to sixty-two guests, we cater to all budgets and family sizes. Some offer pools and hot tubs, others have game rooms, and no matter which you choose, each will offer its own unique style.

And if you are a couple wanting to spend Pesach in a beautiful suite in a warm community with “everything kosher” just steps away from your front door, we can accommodate you in a rental suite that will serve as the backdrop for a very special Yom Tov. Reach out to us via email or phone and we will be more than happy to assist you in making a choice from our inventory of suites located in many neighborhoods all around Lakewood. 

All of our properties come “ready for Yom Tov” upon check-in – your rental accommodations will be spotlessly clean and your private kitchen will be kashered for Pesach l’mehadrin by a reliable rav in advance of your arrival.

With our booking calendar quickly filling for Pesach 2019, we are busy answering inquiries from families who want to “get away” but without the hassle of flying to their destination, and with the criteria listed above being important to them.

Why not get in on the action and contact us today? Let us show you how to make your upcoming Pesach a memorable one that will be treasured by all your family members for years to come.

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