A tree may grow in Brooklyn...

... but a "family tree" blossoms in Lakewood
7 Aug

Lakewood Hosts – filling the gap

When was the last time you can remember being together under one roof with all of your siblings and their children, aunts and uncles, and cousins, too?  Chances are it was at the last family simcha.   You sat at your table in a room filled to the brim, danced in one of the many circles, and unsuccessfully attempted to hear yourself speak over the loud music of the band. And when you drove back home, you wistfully wished you could have spent some of the past four hours in a quieter setting, getting to reconnect with the family you grew up with so many years ago.

The owners of Lakewood Hosts decided to do something about the fact that today’s extended families simply do not have the opportunity to gather together and “share the nachas” with each other unless someone is willing and able to foot the bill for at least a dozen hotel rooms.

“We both stem from large families and were constantly frustrated by the fact that when our own siblings would make a simcha or get together for Chanukah, there just wasn’t enough room for everyone to come with their spouses and their own kids.  So we decided to do something about that for fear that our own children would grow up and one day be in the same room with a cousin and not even know they were related!”

Over the past decade, Lakewood, NJ, grew into the number one destination for making weddings and other simchas.  And although it provided the perfect choice of venue, caterers, bands, and florists, it lacked suitable lodging accommodations for families traveling in for a simcha or a Yom Tov gathering.

With nearly two dozen luxurious suites, private villas, and mansions, Lakewood Hosts has recently “filled the gap” by offering accommodations that can suit families of any size.  Their properties are situated in such a manner that a large family can rent two or three homes around the corner from each other in various sections of town.

And with their inventory constantly expanding, more and more families are choosing to gather together in Lakewood and “map out” their blossoming family trees, providing beautiful memories to take back home.


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